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Psychic Sign
CasinoCoin PDF casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf
Comment from : Psychic Sign

Bel Fon
Where do you buy casino coin
Comment from : Bel Fon

Michael Barry
Any adoption yet
Comment from : Michael Barry

Michael Barry
What platforms have integrated csc
Comment from : Michael Barry

Tri Beard
It runs on ripple tech. That should tell you right their it's a good investment
Comment from : Tri Beard

I like the team, they don't look like they got 12 year old butts, they actually been around (check out their Lin).
Comment from : twinpillars

Trev Newman
Frigging excellent in depth review Rob
Comment from : Trev Newman

aaron puckett
CasinoCoin is killin it!
Comment from : aaron puckett

raziel Dark
Where to buy in England
Comment from : raziel Dark

Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
its up im glad i bought some last week!
Comment from : Manicci Luxury Auto Styling

Mikey Murphy
What wallet could I store Casinocoin? My Ledger s?
Comment from : Mikey Murphy

You can corner the CasinoCoin video market easy.
Comment from : XRP-1

Finally a CasinoCoin video with a good mic. Thanks for the information
Comment from : XRP-1

XRP Ness
Rob do you think that CSC will become a stable coin on the XRP Ledger let's say stops at a $1?
Comment from : XRP Ness

Nice work Rob!! Keep it coming!
Comment from : Z BOY

Josephina A
Comment from : Josephina A

I had brought 500k of casino coins last month and now I’m thinking of buying 500k more!!!
Comment from : CRYPTOMAN

M Evans
Hi Rob. Thanks for providing more information on CSC. It’s really funny because I just picked up a little a few days ago. Great minds. DM Logic shared exciting information on it as well. I think this is one to hold as well. The common man is like a kid in a penny candy store and can’t believe I can buy this one and that one. Keep up the great work! The great wealth transfer is coming!!! Stack those coins bro. XRP strong baby!!!
Comment from : M Evans

All I heard was Draft Kings, so now I'm getting more Casino.

Got some. 😁

Cookie Munt.
Great work as always, thanks.
Comment from : Cookie Munt.

XRP Vampire
Excellent content and well explained!!! A++++++++++++ I'm in!
Comment from : XRP Vampire

Jerry Kid
Ooh great DM got to u lol. Hope this workout for u guys. R all y’all be starting $4.99 groups soon🤣🤣.
Comment from : Jerry Kid

Lex Deeley
Need a million so I can run at least one node too! Great project, no hype, no bullshit
Comment from : Lex Deeley

TJ Jackson
I Was On The Fence About This One Bro.. I Appreciate The Insight 🔥
Comment from : TJ Jackson

19:10 .25 CSC, Not 25 cents :)
Comment from : T R

CSCookie Monster
Thanks for the in depth video! 🎰

Check out some articles about partners and other things in one spot here: medium.com/@HolyK1cks

Comment from : CSCookie Monster

Rob Cash back on the set. Another xrp use case and the fundamental building sounds good. I'm in and thanks for sharing!!
Comment from : bjohnson2000

sumreal guy
Sounds Great.... I'll have to look deeper

Comment from : sumreal guy

Crypto Gaby
Got in a while back.... JC Collins on Twitter got me to look at it. He is a believer in the coin.
Comment from : Crypto Gaby

Patrick Harding
At this price people should be trying to snap up 1 million at least..

Thank you rob.. after watching this I'm buying!!!!

Comment from : Patrick Harding

Big Crypto Dave
I like your videos, but I have zero interest in a crypto gambling project. We don't need new coins. I ain't touching this with a 10 ft pole.
Comment from : Big Crypto Dave

Wazzup Rob ! Long time no see ... Glad You here and holdin strong !!
Comment from : AxisError

Ian Walsh
Got In ages ago. Top project but a 3x up move in value in the last 2 months so stopped buying now
Comment from : Ian Walsh

Steve Navarro
Hello my friend hope you and your family have a Happy Holidays
Comment from : Steve Navarro

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