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$1 CSC !!
Comment from : Unknown-Revolver

Kyle MacLean
I have a mil
Comment from : Kyle MacLean

1 Million CSC could be life changing in a few years.
Comment from : AmpOnMex

Where are you guys?
Comment from : J D

Tommy Dawkins
Try to buy at least 10 million+ csc. That way if it hits $0.10 you can get a million $
Comment from : Tommy Dawkins

Gwyn Charlett
I bought my first CSC middle of 2018 and did so after seeing a couple of early videos of John and the rest of the (small) team, great integrity runs through them all and that's a big bonus for me - I trust them to do what they say they will do! - plus it's a great business idea!  I doubled my holding about 2 weeks ago and very happy with my investment.
Comment from : Gwyn Charlett

Outdoor Crypto
Comment from : Outdoor Crypto

Veteran UK
Just because you promise to deliver something on a video does not mean that you will. I seen lots of these through 2018 and most of them are still not out of the starting blocks. Proceed with Caution!
Comment from : Veteran UK

Great Interview! Hoping for a sequel👌
Comment from : Spyros

Shadow Diamond
They will have several use cases this year 🚀
Comment from : Shadow Diamond

Richard Atamosa
CSC is a good investment and people are starting to notice. Fill your bags while we are still ahead.
Comment from : Richard Atamosa

Bengt Petersson
I hope that it will be an escrow same or similar to xrp
Comment from : Bengt Petersson

Mylene Gomez
CSC is a great coin with life changing potential. Once you do your own research into this coin, I guarantee you will be swayed to invest. You will not regret it. Love CSC and more power to them!
Comment from : Mylene Gomez

Gaming Crypto XRP
Hey, thanks for uploading
Comment from : Gaming Crypto XRP

Ralf Hooijschuur
CasinoCoin is an awesome project! Great team, only reason why you should invest 👌🏻💪🏻 #csc #casinocoin
Comment from : Ralf Hooijschuur

a grey man
Great guy... very investable!
Comment from : a grey man

Shane E
Comment from : Shane E

Rémi N.
Thanks SPQR!
My favorite channel finally met my favorite project :p

Comment from : Rémi N.

u ghazi
Lolol here a few hours early 😂......
Comment from : u ghazi

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