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Slot Slasher
What a fun session! Nice!
Comment from : Slot Slasher

Kris10 Sparkles
Oh wow that was a huge hit.
Comment from : Kris10 Sparkles

Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos
Hahah very cool screen! I would love to play this one! Good job!
Comment from : Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos

What an amazing line hit! Great video!
Comment from : theslotboys

I'm with Mom. Hit that button already lol
Comment from : 1965Beans

Vulture Slots
That was fun! Keep it up brotha! 😁
Comment from : Vulture Slots

Slot Traveler
Viewer Ann was killing it!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Redtint Loves Slots
You have that magic touch, Jay.  Come on down the 5 fwy and help a sister out!!!
Comment from : Redtint Loves Slots

ElvisCorvette Slots
Great time and video...that is how it's done. Good Luck
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl
This is one I haven't tried yet, I think I will next time I go. The machine are always taken!
Comment from : Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl

Debby S
Happy belated Birthday NorCal. Great hits on that machine. Congrats Anne, NorCal & your camera lady....NorCal Mom.
Comment from : Debby S

Slot Queen
You guys killed that machine ! Great job ! So fun with Ann :)
Comment from : Slot Queen

Comment from : arkangel

sergio tapia
Is this in california
Comment from : sergio tapia

Linda S
Thank you for sharing
Comment from : Linda S

boy interrupted
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And nice winnings
Comment from : boy interrupted

Ann B. Slot Videos
I had so much fun with you and your mom! We have to do it again😄!
Comment from : Ann B. Slot Videos

Robin Glick
Congrats on those wins. I love going to thundervalley since it's so close to my house and we seem to do better there than other casinos.
Comment from : Robin Glick

Cassanova Slots
That was great you guys!!!! Way to go!!!!!!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Carol Shoup
Fantastic video! Very engaging video. Lots of fun watching the two of play these games. An amazing hit on the first machine. Very proud of you! I'm now a subscriber, too.
Comment from : Carol Shoup

fast fords
A Nor-cal love your channel you rock! I went to thunder valley Thursday night and loss 100.00 glad to see you winning😊❤😚
Comment from : fast fords

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