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Who knew just putting your Craftsman socket on a bolt fixed a generator, even when said bolt isn't on the generator, wowza!
Comment from : zthang

LOL I'm sure the generator thing was completely made up XD
Comment from : GalactiNaut

10:06 is just disgusting
Comment from : MDSsystems

Dough Boiii
Poker shoot out? Against the players and the house? What odds are those?
Comment from : Dough Boiii

Wait did blackjack apprenticeship win here cause they told about it on one of the videos

Robert Elliott
Moral of the story, don't put a casino on a boat, because then you have two money pits.
Comment from : Robert Elliott

alan smlth
Casinos are all made to win and you the fool ? LOSE
Comment from : alan smlth

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youtu.be/biT8Kbkyw24 te invito a que te suscribas y veas los videos bendiciones
Comment from : numerologo real jairo alexander rumaldo gonzalez

Im 57 years old and been to casinos 15-20 times in my lifetime ($200 max/nite), and I would say I’m about &500 and 4 free buffets ahead, the one thing I guarantee is I easily
won at the buffet time after time, per dinner an easy $100 in jumbo shrimp and lobster, prime ribs, T-bone steaks, and the best meat cuts, and must mention the dessert bar too.. and there’s no way they made any $ from me at the buffet-guaranteed, best part they were comped !

Comment from : Myoknow

marty brown
great idea for a show but this sucks
Comment from : marty brown

Girish Jadhav


Comment from : Girish Jadhav

Victor Neyra
Comment from : Victor Neyra

i m getting a Trailer Park Boys vibe

Jackson Ngo
Anyone know the intro song thats playing?
Comment from : Jackson Ngo

Daniel Callahan
this shit made me throw up
Comment from : Daniel Callahan

Death Larsen
Serious low rollers here
Comment from : Death Larsen

Death Larsen
Talk about low end
Comment from : Death Larsen

Death Larsen
Shocker this pos never got picked up. Not
Comment from : Death Larsen

Jake Dank
Or you could just switch gen sets
Comment from : Jake Dank

Cody Parkinson
This boat is a cheap ass shit hole if they are crying over 36 grand. Then they air it to everyone. Hope they shut that shit down
Comment from : Cody Parkinson

this is depressing
Comment from : golfmaniac007

Crimson King
3:10 It's not illegal to gamble in Florida, they have a massive hard rock casino and are opening an even bigger one soon.
Comment from : Crimson King

habil sahid
dont forget live casino 338

Comment from : habil sahid

The Guy That Game's
You can tell that idiot never goes to the boiler room. Fucking weirdo
Comment from : The Guy That Game's

It always blew my mind that people would throw away such large sums of money. I get mad for a week when I lose on a 5 dollar scratcher.
Comment from : SMOKEY

Ahmad Reshad
Hahaha he don’t like to gamble anymore because he has mad money enough fomenting
Comment from : Ahmad Reshad

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Comment from : นายธนา อินทร์ศิริ

Andy Jay
This is obviously for people to stop opening casinos
Comment from : Andy Jay

Marc List
This is a train wreck of a "casino"
Comment from : Marc List

Corbae L
Is this real? This is Spinal Tap?
Comment from : Corbae L

Chris Keo
Lol fuk outta here. So the casino is okay with us losing? Law of large numbers is on their side.

I'm with the big better.

Comment from : Chris Keo

Iulius_ Cezar09
Never trust a doc made by gamblers!!!
Comment from : Iulius_ Cezar09

Comment from : Despond

Casino worrying about $30,000....ROFL
Comment from : weerobot

Joshua Covey
Captain in on robbing casino 😂
Comment from : Joshua Covey

Too many variables that can go wrong bad business
Comment from : peruface

man you should have hired better actors. what a fcking waste of time
Comment from : guitarFAIL

Wade Atkinson
Was in Galveston Tx 2 years ago and vanished!
Comment from : Wade Atkinson

bigstackD Casting
Why the hell did they go 20 minutes past the 3 mile line . The captain must be an absolute bloody idiot ! For a failing casino why would you waste 40 minute round trip on fuel to go that far further than they need to 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.
Comment from : bigstackD Casting

Timon Klausmann
when someone bets 3000, thats a big Player for them? That casino is more like an old Bar in the Harbour, fishing district :D
Comment from : Timon Klausmann

12000 is nothing
Comment from : Jam

Ryan T.
Why does this have 1.2mil views lol
Comment from : Ryan T.

Eric Robbins
3 mile limit? To international waters? There are casinos in Hollywood and Tampa. Lived there years ago before it was a class III, but now it’s a regular casino I thought. The hard rock properties.
Comment from : Eric Robbins

Jenn Lawson
I don't expect anything in this video to be vaguely truthful or realistic, but I do take issue with them not getting a phenomenal documentary filmmaker. If they had, my attention in the first 60 seconds would be this guy's purchase of the floating casino. NOT the questionable 'location' they chose to have him humble-brag at. (And it's all about 'location, location, location')
What am I ranting about? Well, what 'Midas' wants to be filmed sitting at a dock or mooring near a DISGUSTING, FILTHY garbage bin??? 🤢

Comment from : Jenn Lawson

Look at them young gold diggers hovering around 'Fat Boy'. Giggity
Comment from : MrPittsburghJ

prichard Hawkins
Seems fake
Comment from : prichard Hawkins

troy lee
Fatboy 3:28 😆😆
Comment from : troy lee

lonestar lows
Casinos make money when players win because they dont pay even money.
Comment from : lonestar lows

Tradeer Markeded
Comment from : Tradeer Markeded

Speaking from experience, if a suit tells you everything is OK and your ass is on the line, CHECK THE FUCK OUT OF IT, don't take his word.
Comment from : 1ginner1

Jay D
Fuck this casino!
Comment from : Jay D

Dude Yes
This was all rigged.
Comment from : Dude Yes

Mikeyboy B
Oh, I can absolutely stop and turn a boat that size in 50 yards, I'll just use the hand brake. 13:08 This makes the Kardashians look unscripted!
Comment from : Mikeyboy B

James B
Want to own this boat? stomarinc.com/vessel/jacks-or-better-2/
Comment from : James B

Aaron Johnson
FAKE FAKE FAKE! This series is garbage.
Comment from : Aaron Johnson

Comment from : 김서군

Jae Major
never seen a fat guy with so many chicks around it must be his personality...

Comment from : Jae Major

They over excite the whole process. It's more like 200 dollars from a player betting red. It's fun, but not this much action that often.
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

Trout Fitter
Who the fuck taught these people odds?? Each roll of the dice is independent, just because 3 field numbers didn't show up in the last three rolls means nothing, the odds on the next roll are exactly the same as the previous 300000000000000 rolls.
Comment from : Trout Fitter

colin hart
"I have a bad situation at home. She's mean, she drinks, but she's a good person and can cook" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... Wut?
Comment from : colin hart

D. Cowboyz
This fake is shit! I stopped watching this bullshit back to the real YouTube! Channels
Comment from : D. Cowboyz

The Reel Slot Players
People quit complaining. Its called entertainment, I bet you watched the whole thing! Why because of all the problems that kept coming up. These are most likely made up scenarios to keep you watching 😂😂
Comment from : The Reel Slot Players

How NOT to run a casino boat
Comment from : Mirror245

Brendan Primus
good captain, holds his command and authority, safety first.
Comment from : Brendan Primus

Shane Sawyer
This is clearly fake as a 36k downswing is nothing for a casino. I live in the UK and my area has a few rich people. The other evening there were 2 gentlemen at a private roulette table and each had in excess of £25k in chips. By the end of the night they both cashed out for a combined £365k. The casino lost over £300k at the hands of just two people and they continued to run like normal. Casinos always have a huge surplus of cash so they never run into a situation where a wealthy player can bust them
Comment from : Shane Sawyer

Rose Phraket
Lot a beautiful lady on his table
Comment from : Rose Phraket

Marcellus Wallace
"John" the mechanic didn't do anything but fake loosen and tighten bolts.
Comment from : Marcellus Wallace

Spartacus Forlife
I used to be a dealer/ inspector in a u.k. casino and believe me they are always watching their bottom line. Some casino's are relaxed over lising knowing that through the year they will make their profit. Others, such as what used to be named as' stanleys' used to take a more aggressive line by speeding up the dealing on the likes of roulette. This was done by putting experienced dealers on the table. Good dealers don't make the speed up too noticeable but the gambler will struggle to get all his bets on comfortably. My tip is this. If you see a croupier on an empty table when all the other tables are busy do not go near that table. Also watch for tables with manhattens see if they change the dealer and then see if the table clears within 10 minutes. It is not about cheating. The table isn't fixed. It is just that the punters are rushed leaving numbers not covered. These dealers are worth their weight in yold to a casino
Comment from : Spartacus Forlife

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Comment from : Crypto Stake

Jacinta Shemmell
how fucking dare he speak like that of princesss diana needs a slap sickly man ggggrrr
Comment from : Jacinta Shemmell

John Hays
Look I despise the casino...I mean having played their machines etc it would be simpler just to incinerate your money...however this isnt "really" a casino its a fukin boat with a few slots on it that probably nobody plays...if you went in to any casino and won 36k they would congratulate you as they rob all the other players of 360k...this "casino" is in like panic mode saying theres no way they turn a profit
Comment from : John Hays

David Warren
That power scene seems like straight outta Star Wars
Comment from : David Warren

salman gaming giveaway
Comment from : salman gaming giveaway

Shoutout to fatboy the blackjack player
Comment from : Schoko

Graham Allen
Casino.. Running at a loss.. 😂 something is wrong there... Nice
( * )( * ) by the way..

Comment from : Graham Allen

Jacob Richardson
Feel like I’m watching a handful of ex-cons try and run an illegal gambling establishment off the land 😂😂😂. Obviously they don’t have a land license...
Comment from : Jacob Richardson

David Gentile
hey dummy every role is independent of the last roll you can throw a hundred Fields it has nothing to do with the outcome nor the odds on the next roll. you should get your facts straight before talking.
Comment from : David Gentile

Tommy Stetson
Fake generator issues
Comment from : Tommy Stetson

Y'all talking about the bad acting and the ridiculous 36k "downswing" and all I'm hearing is this shitty stock music.
Comment from : EsaelPaggin024

King vu Dao
Go steal money with your Indian friends you asshole
Comment from : King vu Dao

King vu Dao
Leave me alone ssshole
Comment from : King vu Dao

@2:26 You’re welcome. 😏
Comment from : JustanAmateur

Greggory Zimmerman
Do u own the rights to this song? This is the tunnel walk music to the Nebraska football team.
Comment from : Greggory Zimmerman

Raine Copeland
Are they claiming craps is beatable by waiting for three field rolls??? 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Raine Copeland

Raine Copeland
The whole boat generator going down scene is one the fakest things I’ve ever seen.
Comment from : Raine Copeland

Ash Chaya
This is about as real as an episode of Orange Country Choppers, or similar BS 'reality' shows.
Comment from : Ash Chaya

Skye Drexler
It’s a fucking joke
Comment from : Skye Drexler

Skye Drexler
Ya they all got the street talk well they fuck up scarfos and Philadelphia and New York guys will have to say about this it’s all bull shit
Comment from : Skye Drexler

d p
why isn't this a real show yet... I love this
Comment from : d p

0011clem raptor
It must be not much of a casino is losing 36k causes them grief . 36k is a piss in the ocean to most casinos . Also fat boy slim should not be making cruel jokes about princess Diana. She was probably killed by higher powers but no need to make sick jokes. also who are those lowies sitting next to fat boy slim ? Fat boy slim is an idiot and deserves to lose.
Comment from : 0011clem raptor

Comment from : 박재우

Jordan B
What a joke
Comment from : Jordan B

Was the $3K guy just bluffing, or would he have gone fishing? Bluffing! LOL
Comment from : gedgar2000

Hanunie Hanujie
Is it wrong to like the body of the girl 13:23?
Comment from : Hanunie Hanujie

Chris Watts
What's up with a casino owner doing a interview beside a trash can? Smh, lol
Comment from : Chris Watts

Timothy Han
where can i find barbara? besides that shitty boat.
Comment from : Timothy Han

Charles Smith
Fatboy is an idiot. And this is coming from a Gambler
Comment from : Charles Smith

Paul Roos
Now the captains just being a dick, pick up speed to get back? On a bad engine? Why cant they just coast out around 3 miles till they get it fixed, but a casino with bad luck? Ya u wont get much sympathy..
Comment from : Paul Roos

Tri Herizal
Comment from : Tri Herizal

Fuk the Casino. Who really cares! 😂

Comment from : Blah

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