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del trotts
Ha, a licence to separate the fool from his money!!!
Comment from : del trotts

Joe Carlo
The 20 will never drop as it is being held in place by a lower level of coins that do not move. I pissed the carneys off when I showed a couple of people how the coins are leveled and only the top level moves, making it impossible for the large bills that are hanging to drop.
Comment from : Joe Carlo

Which fair was that?
Comment from : DurtySouthATV

Joan Lockwood
Just realised that your pusher tray looks shorter than the one next door on the right ?..
I reckon one on the right is a longer tray?

Comment from : Joan Lockwood

Brandon Wetterman
Lol Larry curly and moe find the carnival . " it's like it should have fallen by now "
Comment from : Brandon Wetterman

Stanley Mcfalls The Southern Comedian
I use to run with the carnival that's an old trick lol
Comment from : Stanley Mcfalls The Southern Comedian

Kelby Edmonson
Comment from : Kelby Edmonson

Kelby Edmonson
I love coin pushers, but this machine was set up unethically.
Comment from : Kelby Edmonson

Kelby Edmonson
Fucking rigged.
Comment from : Kelby Edmonson

Kelby Edmonson
Thats a bunch of bullshit!!
Comment from : Kelby Edmonson

Raymond Anderson
Is hard to beat a man at his own game
Comment from : Raymond Anderson

Richard Coppock
The $20 bill and the front row of quarters are taped/glued down. This causes the quarters behind to pile up and cause a back up. I used to work at Dave & Busters !!
Comment from : Richard Coppock

Didn't see the 20 move one bit but personally I wouldn't be putting the coins in one at a time I'll be blitzin it 3 at a time and these guys their timing was awful they lost more more stacking them than they did rackin them
Comment from : OTTO OCTAVIOUS

Cat Fish
One born every second 😆
Comment from : Cat Fish

I watched enough of these to realize that hardly anybody gets their money back if they put $50 and they get $45 back the house wins and wins and wins and drops enough money to keep the dream alive very smart
Comment from : 5cloudwalker

Christina Reynolds
And put more quarters not just one...
Comment from : Christina Reynolds

Christina Reynolds
Comment from : Christina Reynolds

Jason Adams
That vendor keeps a very sloppy machine. Most vendors will tell you that presentation is everything. Stuff is just tossed or dropped into the machine. Those bills should be folded neatly.
Comment from : Jason Adams

Ian Canty
Wow! somebody there had verbal diarrhoea. Stop the jawing put some maw in will ya. Is that your own mouth or are you just running it in for a deejay!
Comment from : Ian Canty

Prince Valiant
The Dollar Bills $20 etc. will not bend is why they will not go down the shoot, so coins just keep pushing beneath them, especially if they are folded.
Comment from : Prince Valiant

Chancelor Ficek
You really don't know how to play these lol like really 1 quarter at a time lol
Comment from : Chancelor Ficek

Bills are taped to the underside of lip - this guy ( with 1 Tooth ) would NOT shows us the hidden corner of Bills even when they were tearing down to go STEAL from the next town...
Comment from : Offskew

Michael G
Spent 50 won 2 Dollars and you got a paper dollar and the attendant just lost his job for that move.
Comment from : Michael G

Michael G
It's glued down.
Comment from : Michael G

Jacky Loso
Fraud. Not the bill is glued, but a few coins, easy to see, watch the beginning and the end. Bills wont move
Comment from : Jacky Loso

Lloyd Wiggins
Comment from : Lloyd Wiggins

Giovanni Berardinelli
the scumbags who own the machine tape the 20 down... you will never get it... I know how you can get it.... SMASH the face of the fucktard recording this thru the glass and take the 20... you win the 20 and perhaps that ass hole filming this will never speak again. win win....
Comment from : Giovanni Berardinelli

Kathy W
That was sad that you didn't wind up winning anything.
Comment from : Kathy W

Corey Ward
The guy on the 🎤 so annoying
Comment from : Corey Ward

Beleg Cuthalion
I'd say the 2o was taped the middle is the easiest to drop
Comment from : Beleg Cuthalion

Carmel Perez
esas máquinas le metes como $100 para sacar un billete de $10
Comment from : Carmel Perez

Waaaaaoooo Keren Bos Disubscribe yaaaa Bos
Comment from : SAMAKIKAI KTR

Brian Carter
Wonder how much money that vendor paid these morons to get more morons to play these scamming carnival games.
Comment from : Brian Carter

All that paper in front keeps the quarters from falling. They just pile up.
Comment from : Straightener

Brighton Chou
shake the machine. u got to leave anyway.
Comment from : Brighton Chou

Brighton Chou
get 80 quarters to play. u will win.
Comment from : Brighton Chou

Robert Groover
Title is misleading, I don't see it being filled with cash. At the most, might be $40 there.
Comment from : Robert Groover

Ross Brumby
Mouths in overdrive, brains in neutral.
Comment from : Ross Brumby

John Lucas
Hey the carnies daughter rigged their machines or to take all your money and you ain't going to get much of a return that's Carney's for you think about it how do you think they make their money
Comment from : John Lucas

Kacj Aioig
Can somebody stage an intervention because I’m addicted to coin pushers and I think I have a problem
Comment from : Kacj Aioig

Samurai Master18
I want the money
Comment from : Samurai Master18

there's nothing to see in america. America is land of Materialism. it's not important.
what a waste of money, fuel, effort and time. you need to visit Nepal.
you become spiritually, emotinally and physically stronger after you visit Nepal.
namaste/greetings from Nepal


5:12 "This is like treasure in the Goonies." LOL I love that reference.
Comment from : D33Lux

Edmund Wong
You gotta put more then one quarter in at a time. Gotta spend money to make money, dudes.
Comment from : Edmund Wong

World Rage Report
Dumb & Dumber
Comment from : World Rage Report

Megan Garza
Commentary was annoying! Would be better in the future with no sound or just music.
Comment from : Megan Garza

Free Game isn’t game at all Peer
The coin pushers by me have $100 and $50 bills I then as you can see in my videos
Comment from : Free Game isn’t game at all Peer

Wanda Moore
the guy with you just who is running the camra talks to much
Comment from : Wanda Moore

Gabrielle Mueske
This is a carnavil game so that twenty is glued to the edge to keep you playing!!! LOL
Comment from : Gabrielle Mueske

raymond wood
He won 2 dollars and he only put 20 dollars in
Comment from : raymond wood

You guys are horrible at playing that game!! :-(
Comment from : DocBaker69

Put a piece of scotch tape on that 20 and it will never fall!
Comment from : DAM8658

hot glued
Comment from : loveisnow2

At 1:29 minutes: This is the type of audible comment in the video which enhances the entertainment value. "I can't believe that twenty dollar bill is in there ... at all."
Comment from : eddyvideostar

If you going to get lucky you going to be out of Quarters put some weight behind it fill the machine up with atleast 8 to 10 quarters to rip those bills out of it in wods you cn't expect to put 1 at a time in it to push anything.
Comment from : Legendary

Black Waterdogs
ABSOLUTELY rigged ! The lip, as you approach the edge is gradually raised about 10 degrees, so coins tend to stack up rather than fall, and those "exit doors" on either side are designed to make it easier for the coins to go in there, rather than over the edge. Just when you think "I can`t lose now", you DO ! So you keep feeding the machine....
Comment from : Black Waterdogs

Keith French
Spend 30 to try for 20. 😆
Comment from : Keith French

Shelly Gurl37
Used work for carnival I know how they do it I watch them stack them
Comment from : Shelly Gurl37

Эндрю Мураками
Comment from : Эндрю Мураками

Эндрю Мураками
пидарас дурной, там не по одной монетки надо бросать.
Comment from : Эндрю Мураками

Wayne D
sad i had to mute this video, could take that guy talking non stop in background geeeez.
Comment from : Wayne D

Tn wild man
dam dude more play less bullshit jibberish talk
Comment from : Tn wild man

The guy on the speakers in the background really loves his job... XD
Comment from : TheVirdra

Mike Dennington
So now we know who voted for trump.
Comment from : Mike Dennington

Tara Worrell
Put a couple in it
Comment from : Tara Worrell

Aaron Thorpe
ThAts definitely a rigged coin pusher it doesn't even have a skill stop only wAy you can win anything really is if you have multiple coins fall and have double rows I played a coin pusher for 2 hrs straight with only 5$
Comment from : Aaron Thorpe

Sabrina Neumeyer
Comment from : Sabrina Neumeyer

Nicholas Caron
Learn how to fucking vlog
Comment from : Nicholas Caron

Tim Scheibeler
I love your videos
Comment from : Tim Scheibeler

I won like $30 from one of those xD
Comment from : UlTm_Ninja

Random Things!
Comment from : Random Things!

GISSELLE VARGAS Gisselle vargas
💖💏Love 😎you giselle Vargas 😀😀😀😀😀😗
Comment from : GISSELLE VARGAS Gisselle vargas

Dude I watched for over 15 minutes for you to get the $20 and you never did
Comment from : TWDxKILL3R

The ten and twenty are glued I gotta feeling
Comment from : Yo_Itz_Allie

Olivia Joy
Ya ll drunk playing this??? Sounds like it.
Comment from : Olivia Joy

vik -17
Comment from : vik -17

Luke Davis
you should have grabbed the bills from the vending area
Comment from : Luke Davis

scully29 kkk5229
shit vioes
Comment from : scully29 kkk5229

Marianna Adames
you are so dum
Comment from : Marianna Adames

Atomic Boomstick
holy shit I "won" two dollar bills and it only cost me $20. -_-
Comment from : Atomic Boomstick

I saw Coin Pushers at the NM Sate Fair 2016 they had $1, $5, $10, $50 & $100.
Comment from : Vman

Jd Jd
💩 u
Comment from : Jd Jd

What was that guy talking about on the loud speaker in the background? He was not enjoying his job, that's for sure.
Comment from : EmeraldCityRiz

Rick Charles
You guys kind of suck at this.
Comment from : Rick Charles

Pewpew Nub
How many likes this gets is my age
Comment from : Pewpew Nub

Wade Huffman
do they want me to go to sleep
Comment from : Wade Huffman

Ron James
Badly filmed and too much mouth.
Comment from : Ron James

Carsons Toy Show
Comment from : Carsons Toy Show

Zomboy's lit bruh
Fuck 15 minutes of my life wssted😡
Comment from : Zomboy's lit bruh

Paul Basquez
next time if u see something want that close to the edge over load it on that side u should put every coin on thr right side it would of fell faster
Comment from : Paul Basquez

Lew Rodd
You don't need to get lucky you need to get smart.
Comment from : Lew Rodd

Lew Rodd
The weight of the coins and the notes in the middle are forcing the coins to go to the sides, it's called a come on, you think you can win a lot but the more you play the more they make.
Comment from : Lew Rodd

Lew Rodd
How old are these children?
Comment from : Lew Rodd

Suckers! It's a scam.
Comment from : tombstone1218

Reckless Gamer
all the big Bill's are taped
Comment from : Reckless Gamer

Alejandro Castillo
you guys suck ass fuck you
Comment from : Alejandro Castillo

Laura Gadille
The ones at the fair are a scam
Comment from : Laura Gadille

E Wood
Put in $550.75 trying to win $20.00! Makes all the sense in the world!!
Comment from : E Wood

William Cox
Like pebbles in a stream, water just flows around them!
Comment from : William Cox

blow air inside boom
Comment from : angelmsalgado

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