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Erky _
Its like a grand jackpot lol
Comment from : Erky _

Ash Clark
Ten grand or not, if you were slapping like that beside me I'd slap you 3 feet into the floor (cocky wanker)....
Comment from : Ash Clark

Mark Anthony
Someone should smash your face as hard as you smash those buttons,FUCKWIT
Comment from : Mark Anthony

Mick Jones
Why is it that Australians are so foul mouthed? You throw 'fuck' and 'cunt' around like they're the only words you have in your vocabulary. Oh, and when I'm sitting next to some inconsiderate moron (like you) who just has to smack the utter crap out of the play button (like you) I hope like hell that they break every single one of their fingers....
Comment from : Mick Jones

Cho Gall
Hit it harder you Fuck wit
Comment from : Cho Gall

Glen Humphreys
Bang those buttons junkie
Comment from : Glen Humphreys

mr hansen
Hope u pumped that 10k straight back in dickhead
Comment from : mr hansen

PS4 Epic Gamers
Fuck that's lucky
Comment from : PS4 Epic Gamers

Glenda Martin
Hello yeah💖💖💖
Comment from : Glenda Martin

Flame Boy
another inconsiderate, selfish person banging the button.
Comment from : Flame Boy

Omg teng
And the reason u guys can’t get $10000 coin .. you gonna learn the way he smash , its works !
Comment from : Omg teng

Sue Lee
You got to be kidding on major and grand jackpot meters on a high limit.
Comment from : Sue Lee

What did that button did to you?? Lmao!!
Comment from : Naamah

TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos
That was nuts, congrats!
Comment from : TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

Omg teng
Some of you will say please hit the button gently , are you kidding me .. I will use hammer to hit the spin button every single time if I was the guy who playing 50per spin hahahaha
Comment from : Omg teng

now the next question is, how do we launder it??????
Comment from : TheHackman44

Wow what's with people complaining about this button ? Seriously anything would trigger the world these days.
Comment from : MAKSYM

Of course they can come over here and win like this with all the liquor stores fucking up our black communities. Congrats tho bitches
Comment from : BEAUTY BAR & SALON

fkd ova
Now what?
Comment from : fkd ova

Una Moala
When you hit the button hard like that it's gonna break and when we come and use it it can't work coz of people like you hit it too hard
Comment from : Una Moala

Comment from : mongopipes

Cat Likepizza Gaming
Wanker why don’t you hit the button with a sledgehammer
Comment from : Cat Likepizza Gaming

Ryan McIntyre
I couldn't watch the whole video, had to stop about 30 seconds in because you smacking the shit out of that button was driving me insane.
Comment from : Ryan McIntyre

mr hansen
No wonder the buttons are always fukd. Imagine the cunts who are losing.
Comment from : mr hansen

Gambleholic Queen Slots
Wow!! That’s awesome!! New sub here ♥️ Thank you for sharing!!
Comment from : Gambleholic Queen Slots

Oooo Ooo
Comment from : Oooo Ooo

Kris B
People this fool has lost waaay more than he's won.
Comment from : Kris B

Chanel Noelle
Now I know how the buttons end up broken. This person is gambling like a real addict.
Comment from : Chanel Noelle

He’s a dealer for sure 😝
Comment from : DJ NJAAY

Carlos Lopez
Go home don't put it back in the machine man
Comment from : Carlos Lopez

Next Level Toys
Wow that 10 grand coin was sweet
Comment from : Next Level Toys

Philippines Smith
Hello kuya musta Po nice win Po
Comment from : Philippines Smith

oh so you're the reason buttons dont work on slot machines.
Comment from : TheIdiotChallenge

Shenden James
It was a preety shit win if your doin 50 bets you wouldn’t of even made all your money back so really the machine beats you.
Comment from : Shenden James

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
I tapped my comment button like that too.
Comment from : Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

Ivan Gomez
Hate it when you come up to a machine with a broken spin button like wtf!!!!!!! Dont do that shieeettt bugs everyone
Comment from : Ivan Gomez

Blanca Toro
This was awesome 😎 win I was super excited 😊 I love this slot .. and I stay positive that I will win a hand pay too a big one🎉💰🎊💴💸🎈🍾🙌🏻🤗👍🏻❤️congrats on you win 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Blanca Toro

pretty to be petty Beliard
Wtf omg wow
Comment from : pretty to be petty Beliard

Penny Pincher Slots
Wow congratulations on the jackpot.
Comment from : Penny Pincher Slots

fucking crap smoker
Comment from : cophatter

lowx ben kia seng
$50 per spin hmm.... If you don't get anything in 200 spins that will cost you $10000. A seasoned player will know it's common to get nothing out from 200 spin. In slots it's not about how much you win but rather how many X you won over your input.
Comment from : lowx ben kia seng

Sparky Jones
Didn't know they made Dragon Link Golden Century cabinets in that style.

You sure did beat the he'll out of the button though!

Comment from : Sparky Jones

Socal Jackpotscratcher
You deserve it betting that much.
Comment from : Socal Jackpotscratcher

Soua Yang
Very nice guy
Comment from : Soua Yang

Bdawg 39
$50 a hit, smack’m as hard as you wish. Nice win.
Comment from : Bdawg 39

Unknown Person
Comment from : Unknown Person

Richard Heke
Did u put that all back in?
Comment from : Richard Heke

Anthony & Abby
How are you so composed
Comment from : Anthony & Abby

Andy Warren
And this is why half the machines don't work when you hit play...
Comment from : Andy Warren

ryan g
Anyone who slaps the buttons like that should be banned from casinos. I hate that shit.
Comment from : ryan g

Cla J
Is this real because I saw no emotion when the 10k came up. Sorry I saw that fuck the rest I be singing and dancing
Comment from : Cla J

The harder you hit the button the more it pays out obviously.
Comment from : DaKlogg

eric mepho
You get $10k ball when you hit $50 only or can you get it at any bet ?
Comment from : eric mepho

H J Shin
What part of star is this at
Comment from : H J Shin

Ritchie P.
Your one of those clowns... Annoying.. hitting the spin button like a bitch..
Comment from : Ritchie P.

Vegas Ray Slots
Damn! Nice hut dude!
Comment from : Vegas Ray Slots

T. L
I'd pick that machine up and dump it on ya finger
Comment from : T. L

KloveSlots Short
Comment from : KloveSlots Short

having fun
Two for twenty two na 11100 nice
Comment from : having fun

Jim Edward
rare ball that
Comment from : Jim Edward

U L T R A. I N S T I N C T.
Mad Dog!!!!
Comment from : U L T R A. I N S T I N C T.

Nice for a button slapper👍
Comment from : mbigboyny

star sydney hmm nice what a stroke of luck onya mate
Comment from : cardinia1

Stephanie SC
Sweet! Congratulations!
Comment from : Stephanie SC

Gus Bilinski
Maybe you can use some of that money to buy a new button you keep hitting as hard as you can
Comment from : Gus Bilinski

Jeremy Has Spoken

Comment from : Jeremy Has Spoken

Holy shit bro!!! Congrats!!!
Comment from : dgordon1972

jo goldcoaster
Where are you playing?
Comment from : jo goldcoaster

Waverley C.
Very nice!
Comment from : Waverley C.

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