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cash back
themanperish Truest statement ever.
Comment from : cash back

cali gula
a number of the major bing game apps will credit you free chips to help you start, i turned 30 into 240 the last week this link shows the best sites PLAY83.COM When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.
Comment from : cali gula

Right on man.
Comment from : DProxima

Yep. No difference if you stay or go.
Comment from : DProxima

1.5% is a big variance when it comes to slots. $10,000 coin in, which you can easily do on a $800 bankroll will result is a net loss of $150 more than the higher paying casino - on average. $150 is a lot when you are only talking about an $800 BR.
Comment from : DProxima

The machine is random, so it makes no difference, but you are always playing a losing game, because as the man proudly says the machines are programmed to pay out maximum 92% of what you put in, so don't ever play machines thinking you can make money. Have some fun, OK, but no way can you ever win in the long run.
Comment from : Iain1962

Merv Watson
Lol what dumb news story. Here i thought there was a lucky casino... Not public info payback %s
Comment from : Merv Watson

Come on folks! There are NO lucky casinos. You just have to hit the machines at the right time!
Comment from : ptempleton07

I totally agree with you. Whenever you hit a winning streak, it's just pure coincidence and there isn't such a thing as a "lucky casino" unless they had payout of 200% or way more.
Comment from : eman1728

Wolf Foley
There's NO SUCH THING AS A LUCKY CASINO!!! Come on America, this is ridiculous!!!
Comment from : Wolf Foley

Wolf Foley
"It's a trade secret." say the Indian Casinos... Whatever!!!
Comment from : Wolf Foley

Inclineskier S.
Pink floyd baby
Comment from : Inclineskier S.

Sonia Chan
@yriaswj so many people think the same. You need to find an awesome casio. Gotta check this one out. Hands down my favorite. Had an awesome run yesterday. Sign up here --> bit.ly/PVPVwH?=epbpwj
Comment from : Sonia Chan

Auto Vista
played at the hard rock with my mom and we played $4.00 and won back 53.80 on the dollar slots so hard rock is my favorite so far
Comment from : Auto Vista

I went to both Isle and Hardrock in South Florida and got my ass kicked both times at each place so it all depends on which machine will hit.
Comment from : MrTmoney12889

Ramin Davani
Thats not what it meant. They meant too many jackpots are being hit in this casino.
Comment from : Ramin Davani

Jonathan Berg
It is 92 percent over billions of spins. do not expect to get 92 bucks back on every 100 that you put in!!
Comment from : Jonathan Berg

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
I know o.o lol
Comment from : PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff

Ramin Davani
Actually its not low. It depends on what denomination slot you play. Penny,Nickle, dime, quarter and dollar machines have the same payback percentage 85% to 92%. you want some high payback percentage machines? Pump up the volume. Play $5, $10 and $25 slots. These machines have +95% payback. Got it?
Comment from : Ramin Davani

James Odom
Comment from : James Odom

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
these ppl dont know anything about slots lol. 85-92% is actually low-low avg. % is based off of millions of spins. i feel bad for people going there with high hopes.
Comment from : PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff

85% is so low
Comment from : UncleT0ny

@cwood4ever Vegas is higher and Reno is the highest payback. Northern LV is good too.
Comment from : onenickelmiracle

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