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naihanchin Kempo
now do it 5k times and you have it
Comment from : naihanchin Kempo

1. roll down 1:14
2 . butterfly 3:26
3. anti-gravity 7:35
4. chip shuffle 11:38
5. knuckle roll 14:54
6. chip front to back flip 17:52
7. twirl 21:05
8. push through 23:38
9. pinch toss 25:05
10. make chip appear 26:02

Comment from : 정승윤

Esteban Estrada
Esta muy cabron
Comment from : Esteban Estrada

Robot Zombie
Thumbs down. It needs close ups and real slow motion, not just saying slow motion and doing it slower
Comment from : Robot Zombie

i cant do any of these tricks because im only 13 and my hands arent big enough
Comment from : Winstonx

Jitender Pal Singh
You are very expert tutor.
Comment from : Jitender Pal Singh

Qw Qw
Sick! A lefty. Finally I don’t have to waste time trying to frighten out how to do it with my left hand (granted even that isn’t hard)
Comment from : Qw Qw

J Dclt
it’s 2am and have to work at 8 wtf am i doing here😂🤷‍♂️
Comment from : J Dclt

Amir Koleini
Would you please let me know which dice poker chips brand are you using?
Comment from : Amir Koleini

saima basharat
I think you said poker butt.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : saima basharat

Keir Sullivan
My favorite trick is making all my chips disappear.
Comment from : Keir Sullivan

Sean T
🤯 mind blown! You seriously took my chip flipping level to another dimension dog. Thank you. For all you haters who can’t even flip a chip, google something simpler!
Comment from : Sean T

Ferrari Fred
The tutorial for the standard chip shuffle is just as bad as every other tutorial out there. You fail to mention (just like EVERYONE else making a "tutorial" out there):
1. Pressure on the middle finger
2. Pressure on the surrounding fingers
3. When you start/stop pressuring the sides
4. Wrist angle
5. Elbow angle
6. Wrist/elbow movement as you go along the stack
7. How much you're supposed to lift the middle finger
8. Speed/flow of it all

Perhaps if you'd address these people would actually find this tutorial useful.

Comment from : Ferrari Fred

no one:
no one ever:

Comment from : tawrl

Dayton Muxlow
"So this next step is quite simple: Remove your index and ring fingers, swap them for 17 microseconds, do a kickflip, then find your dad who has been missing for the last 10 years. Ok let's try that one more time. How. cool. is that?"
Comment from : Dayton Muxlow

I’m 12 and idk why i’m even here
Comment from : tessiè

Are you left handed
Comment from : LtCmdrMaximus

Ace Yang
Quite draggy though gd tricks
Comment from : Ace Yang

Murphy FFL
Wow all I can do is make all my chips disappear when I play poker.
Comment from : Murphy FFL

Morning Star
How... Cool is that?

Pretty darn cool!

Comment from : Morning Star

Rumor has it he is still telling us to like and subscribe to this day.
Comment from : MarkThisWayAfter

My hands are too small to do 4
Comment from : Husky

Dylan Canaday
If you know how to make a coin flip on the side you call everytime, teach it to us 😂. Could definitely use that
Comment from : Dylan Canaday

Bobby Tang
Awesome. Now I know what I will be doing when I am not in a hand :D
Comment from : Bobby Tang

I broke my fingers trying this
Comment from : lalala

zx_ buxted
It sucks all time subscribe and like 😵😵
Comment from : zx_ buxted

Stop constantly begging for likes. It’s annoying.
Comment from : KDG-LG3 1

Chip shuffling is the easiest
Comment from : #ᖇᑌᑎ4ᖴᑌᑎ!

Chim Richalds
ALL IN.... 2 4 off suit
Comment from : Chim Richalds

how long is he gonna go before he tells us about the fishing line attached on the chip, lol I know the same trick but with a card
Comment from : Piercelance99

Anuj Barasia
Hi Rich.
You have amazing skills to play with chips
This is Anuj here from The Spartan Poker. We are one of the top brands in an online Real Money Gaming in India.
We want you to help us create the brand content for Chip Tricks
Please let me know how to take it ahead

Comment from : Anuj Barasia

Jay Dee
i gona like the living hell out of this one!
Comment from : Jay Dee

Lol can’t do any of these
Comment from : k_x_x_jc

SirDrop Bear
tried smashing the like button...............i need a new screen now :P hahaha
Comment from : SirDrop Bear

adrian gamer
Ma pis pe tine
Comment from : adrian gamer

Quantum Leap
Thanks Richfer Guson.
Comment from : Quantum Leap

Marko Putinja
Comment from : Marko Putinja

Joonha Shcal
I use fancy 10 euro silver coins instead. Really hard since they are more slippery than poker chips.

Roll down is impossible to me with metal. The last coin just slips through. Butterfly works a lot better since there are always 2 points of contact.

Comment from : Joonha Shcal

Austin Mai
cool. but difficult
Comment from : Austin Mai

Notation Maniac
I litterally could do none if these tricks
Comment from : Notation Maniac

Audria Simmons
You look like Tony Stark Iron Man LOL
Comment from : Audria Simmons

Hey Madapakyu
Chip Tricks
Comment from : Hey Madapakyu

Sir, please don't throw those chips at other players or you will be kick. But... but Rick said...
Comment from : OppositeReality

Banditx Bubble
hey. how to make fingers more flexible? ;(
Comment from : Banditx Bubble

Got hand cramp can’t type for crap
Comment from : milo117

7:35 the Anti-Gravity is awesome!
Comment from : Kongjie

Riding with Dave
I was droppin chips everywhere Rich
Comment from : Riding with Dave

raja mani
How are watching this without knowing how to play poker......
Comment from : raja mani

Nathan B
Well huh how cool is that 😂
Comment from : Nathan B

Xander Mijares
Thank you so much Rich! Please do an entire video on the muscle pass
Comment from : Xander Mijares

The Rekluze
Thanks! I’ll be watching and practicing. This will help when dealing BlackJack, Spanish 21 AT WORK. Not going to roll out these until perfected. And starting NOW
Comment from : The Rekluze

InFa Watta
I usually never have enough chips to attempt any of these tricks
Comment from : InFa Watta

Jordan Chan
The name is ‘Bond’.. ‘James Bond.’ I’m ALL IN
Comment from : Jordan Chan

Ryan Schneider
I can do the knuckle roll (14:55) with a quarter but a poker chip is really hard.
Comment from : Ryan Schneider

Jordan Houlton
You have extra fingers I swear
Comment from : Jordan Houlton

Carlen Sizemore
I finally got them down!

loses poker tournament because spent to much time practicing this to look cool

Comment from : Carlen Sizemore

xd trollz0r04
Congratulations you have been practising these tricks for ten hours in front of the mirror, the only thing left is to learn to play poker.
Comment from : xd trollz0r04

Roman Barbaro
I subscribed and turned on notifications and liked
Comment from : Roman Barbaro

1:33 middle finger not ring finger
Comment from : Dystopic

Strahinja Paunovic
Nice tips buddy, thanks for your efforts
Comment from : Strahinja Paunovic

Instructions unclear, ended up naked in the ex’s moms house.
Comment from : eZ_Hawaiian

Tries to learn all of this in an hour to impress my friends
Comment from : eZ_Hawaiian

Pult ulf
"it almost naturally happens" xD not for me
Comment from : Pult ulf

Qara Kabus
Comment from : Qara Kabus

Imagination 800
Frigin smal hands
Comment from : Imagination 800

Davi Rodrigues
I want iiit
Comment from : Davi Rodrigues

Tânios Acácio
Vídeo is great, but it would rock if I you'd done with the right hand.
Comment from : Tânios Acácio

Reef the weird boi
Mr. Stark? I feel so good with these tricks
Comment from : Reef the weird boi

Hands too smol
Comment from : Valmerix

Lachlan Wyvill
Where can I buy chips?
Comment from : Lachlan Wyvill

this is bullshit
Comment from : YeetLord

This demonstrates a lot of ticks but doesn't really teach them very well. You move too fast and skip over important details.
Comment from : SpacePrez

Brent Jennar
10:45 turn speed to .25 and watch how it "fits through that tiny gap"
Comment from : Brent Jennar

Usama Zaheer
Plays poker,Tries rolldown,Drops chips the first 10 times trying.Gets kicked from the table.
Comment from : Usama Zaheer

joey P
no a fence but your voice pisses me off and good videos but its soo hard to trick it
Comment from : joey P

Eliott Rurey
I am the only one who dropped chips every 2 seconds
Comment from : Eliott Rurey

Aidan James
Did you mean to say middle finger instead of ring finger?😂 1:33
Comment from : Aidan James

Brian Bertram
Had to dislike just cause he asked so many times for a like and sub.
Comment from : Brian Bertram

Your trash ass worthless music angers me.
Comment from : 1234coolman

Derrick Crane
Rich does chip shuffling the hard way. Rich uses the ring finger for the lift, which requires ring finger independence, which is unnatural and difficult to achieve. A much easier way that is immediately accessible is to use the thumb & index fingers for the front stack and to use the ring & little fingers for the back stack. Use the middle finger for the lifting. Rich is the only one who teaches the ring finger lift and there is no reason to do it the hard way.
Comment from : Derrick Crane

Native War Paint Studios
Umm anyone else confused
Comment from : Native War Paint Studios

fuck me that is fucking difficult
Comment from : Shawarmang

Aleks M
How Big are These Chips?
Comment from : Aleks M

Anton Korneev
how cool is that?!
Comment from : Anton Korneev

Leon [][][]
I have mastered shuffle
Comment from : Leon [][][]

Denisa Juríčeková
Like for this video
Comment from : Denisa Juríčeková

Denisa Juríčeková
Comment from : Denisa Juríčeková

Thank you for this video, I'll practice it on an empty table :)
Comment from : Bartek990

Paparazzi LuchaLibre
The Miz got old
Comment from : Paparazzi LuchaLibre

Faith Lewis
What up with Jigsaw reading the warning at the beginning? Lol
Comment from : Faith Lewis

anyone have any tips for the butterfly in regards to people with small hands? Not only do I find it practically impossible to reliably separate the stack into the figure eight position, I feel like it is nearly impossible for my pinky to make solid contact to hold the chip in place as I spread my fingers.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

Comment from : danielsmith5664

Really cool video. I can do the shuffle (like most players) and two of the easier ones. I'm going to practice the push-through because that's a cool way to tip the deal after winning a pot. Thanks for the details!
Comment from : rd711

Irrelevant Garbo
"Your starting to piss me off with that coin, Conner"

I wonder how many people got that reference

Comment from : Irrelevant Garbo

youtu.be/5wJLazTcyvU This is my "One Handed 5 Card Roll" for Cardisty
Comment from : tiggarscms

I cant do the muscle pass because the biggest coin i got is still tiny
Comment from : clyth_

Gabriel Politi
Finally a video of Coins trick that's not a "HWO TO VANISH A COIN MAGIC EPIC REAL!!1!"
Comment from : Gabriel Politi

I’ll better not watch this video
Comment from : FairNut

*crazy guy yells at coins*
Comment from : FairNut

Joe Spawldin
that hair is fucking with me.
Comment from : Joe Spawldin

Shichibi no Raijuu
It's been four days and I can throw my chip up to 10cm in the air. The commentary about not allowing a thumb to curl over the coin is very helpful btw.
And yeah, if it hurts a bit, nothing unbearable.

Comment from : Shichibi no Raijuu

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