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Emily Steding
Where’s the hack????
Comment from : Emily Steding

CLOSE1 Rocket League
There are no such things as hacks. So stop the bullshit
Comment from : CLOSE1 Rocket League

Bvmi B
Yo bumpy face talk to much
Comment from : Bvmi B

Hack: smacks the machine
Comment from : cnikimi

Smoggy Impala993
He sounds like Lars Ulrich
Comment from : Smoggy Impala993

Markey Wholebrook
sorry But those so called gold coins are a dollar
Comment from : Markey Wholebrook

use slugs
Comment from : keisterroll

Plummer2019 ToniLynn
Comment from : Plummer2019 ToniLynn

April Morales
Haha clicked on this video to learn tricks because i am literally addicted to these stupid machines lol I was a bit surprised to see that Subaru! Subie Gang! I have a 2006 wrx
Comment from : April Morales

dan dale
Oh my gosh
Comment from : dan dale

Violent Vowelz
Hear you talk. Proofread.
Comment from : Violent Vowelz

Jimmie Evans
I m thinking of buying one
Comment from : Jimmie Evans

Jimmie Evans
I want one
Comment from : Jimmie Evans

Jimmie Evans
Nice car
Comment from : Jimmie Evans

Isaac J
skip to 7:30 for 'hack'
Comment from : Isaac J

Kyle D
😴 I want money
Comment from : Kyle D

What??? That wasn't a hack. Fucking smh. Waste of time.
Comment from : maddillz

Mya Whitson
More like 3:40 to keep from hearing you talk
Comment from : Mya Whitson

Trampoline Crazy
I subscribed and turned on the notification bell🙂🙂🙂
Comment from : Trampoline Crazy

Keith Fox
a four minute intro, great.......
Comment from : Keith Fox

Liso Campos
I would be more impressed if you rode a bike. It helps the environment. Lost watch time.
Comment from : Liso Campos

Steve Knapik
Since when is hitting a machine a hack ?
Comment from : Steve Knapik

Steve Knapik
Shoulda got an sti
Comment from : Steve Knapik

Kim-n-Brian ....Our farm
Comment from : Kim-n-Brian ....Our farm

Archenwolf • 29 years ago ಠ_ಠ
One time I was at the carnival and we spent soo much coins that my friend's dad said "Wanna know a secret? They super glue the coins on"
He was obviously getting impatient, and then my mom actually told me what they really did.

They take quarters and put them very very close to the edge, sometimes even dollar bills and stuff, to trick people into thinking some idiot put it there, and so YOU could get it.

The reality, no. It takes like 50dollars worth of coins just to push that thing. I spent about 10 bucks and all I got out of it was 2 quarters. 2!!! Not worth your money guys. It's a scan.

Comment from : Archenwolf • 29 years ago ಠ_ಠ

Dr Numbnuts
Wow. You want views so bad. This isn’t a quality video. It’s a crap one.
Comment from : Dr Numbnuts

Sabrina Cole
That was really fun to watch
Comment from : Sabrina Cole

Megan Mcginlay
Who else just skipped to 2.40
Comment from : Megan Mcginlay

bdp fucc up
This guy looks like Tom Cruz lmao
Comment from : bdp fucc up

Save the turtles! Please
5:10 who else saw 3

Comment from : Save the turtles! Please

I have a hack "when no one is looking shake the shit out of it "
Comment from : B M

Neli nastic
There is nothing about tips or tricks or hacks. This is whiteboi clickbait that is n9t worthy of even being on YouTube
Comment from : Neli nastic

Frank Doherty
Pile of Absolute shite
Comment from : Frank Doherty

John Skelton
This isn't a "hack" at all. It's just some dude playing the game! There wasn't even anything to take away from the video!
Comment from : John Skelton

Weekend Warrior
Lmao glad How you gave advertisement for the Dealership That screwed you and added a bunch of things to your loan agreement without you knowing. I know because I worked in finance at a Dealership. They are more corrupt than the government.
Comment from : Weekend Warrior

Comment from : NTBeastBoy

Inell Beatty
I watch all your videos. I might be old but it still would fell good to acted young.
Comment from : Inell Beatty

so the skill you have is just putting more quarters in?
Comment from : dapoopta

Sky Fletcher
Bullshit half ass wannabe "hack" all I see is some lucky ass window tapping white boys!!!! Nothing slick!!!
Comment from : Sky Fletcher

Live from the Crap Shack
I don't want to reed you write!
Comment from : Live from the Crap Shack

adem cornish
Wow you know what i thought oh yesh hack right bucket of salt and all that but fuck me i cant beleive my eyes this is THE BEST coinpusher hack of hacks. Really? Are you for real so your tapping the glass to try and get the coins that should have dropped anyway, but there getting stuck so you should have titled HOW I GOT HACKED BY A COIN PUSHER.
Comment from : adem cornish

Stephen Rouse
And get kicked out
Comment from : Stephen Rouse

Jennifer W
What happens if you shake the machine with just one coin, then come back with a dollar's worth? Does that help?
Comment from : Jennifer W

Jacaranda Delgado
Skip to 3:40 hes wrong
Comment from : Jacaranda Delgado

Stack Finder
He's never seen a dollar coin before
Comment from : Stack Finder

Ontron Kien
do they didnt realize that they lose more money making that machine active, that i what people puts?
Comment from : Ontron Kien

Your Worst Nightmares
Shake the Machine then win Easy
Comment from : Your Worst Nightmares

Tapping the glass is a hack?
Coin pushers are designed to take, you know that right?

Comment from : erik-the-cat

Dead Pool
Your channel is awesome!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Dead Pool

Ian Black
Shit video. FUCK YOU!
Comment from : Ian Black

Owen Rheeder
I subscribe plz pic me for a claw machine
Comment from : Owen Rheeder

Nie Niski
woow. A.gold.coin.
Comment from : Nie Niski

Caleb T.V
Ha dad I'm not watching people play video games.
Comment from : Caleb T.V

Tiffany Carter
cheating not hacking lol
Comment from : Tiffany Carter

Elizabeth Marks-Graham
I bet there’s at least 1 silver in there
Comment from : Elizabeth Marks-Graham

Comment from : Bestley

Dev Trends
It’s spelt hear not here
Comment from : Dev Trends

Chris Arrowood
I want my view back
Comment from : Chris Arrowood

Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!
Use fender washers 😂
Comment from : Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

Aubrey Crawford
Its actually 3:47
Comment from : Aubrey Crawford

Oh my God so annoying when keep saying Dude lol s6o immature
Comment from : EsspressoMan1

John Buckley
Comment from : John Buckley

Ros Laighleis
I skipped! Did he say anything important?
Comment from : Ros Laighleis

what a fucking idiot on his own machine, heres a thumbs down asshole punk!
Comment from : hjalmarthomsen

Angel Marin
so hoe much did you lose?
Comment from : Angel Marin

Mike Rophone
My advice about tapping the glass is this. Don't tap on it until you are done actually playing because it pushes all of the quarters backwards down the little ramp and you'll have to put in a lot more quarters to win any. When you do tap on it after you are done playing, tap it really fucking good to pack them all down for the next time you play after other suckers have put in their money
Comment from : Mike Rophone

Alejandro Olivares
Dude all u need to do is put a tiny drop of crazy glue on the edge of each quarter and keep dropping them in eventually they will stickheter a push everything through
Comment from : Alejandro Olivares

Scott Moltzan
Real coin pusher hack: smash the glass, grab as much money as you can, and run
Comment from : Scott Moltzan

Alejandro Olivares
Im done he never shuts up
Comment from : Alejandro Olivares

What's the hack.dork
Comment from : Fortunato's

use fake coins
Comment from : syknxv3

Speck I.e.
*hear you talk. Not “here”
Comment from : Speck I.e.

Do any coin dozers return quarters that fall in the tray?
Comment from : mrhankythechristmas

So basically you’re saying cheating is ok. Tap on the glass.
Comment from : mrhankythechristmas

Melisa Tynes
Love your vids! Also from Michigan! The Blue Water Area/Blue Water Bridge Area!
Comment from : Melisa Tynes

I literally got fired from a job at a truck stop over this game!! I beat $28.xx outta that fugger for free. All you gotta do is make sure to drop a quarter just often enough to keep the wheels spinning then just hit the side about 6 inches below where the slide is, just don't hit it too hard because of that alarm. They only fired me because exchanged all the quarters at the register for cash money 😂😂😂
Comment from : MrBlakebeard81

Cody Praetorius
Gold coin is just a dollar
Comment from : Cody Praetorius

qrpti/gtipopi hrapir/popi\\
Comment from : AKHILESWARI VS

Comment from : AKHILESWARI VS

greg parrish
whats so great about the so called glod dallars
Comment from : greg parrish

ily Sanchez7002
Finally a channel that actually helps thank you 😊
Comment from : ily Sanchez7002

Jennifer Vito
Love the car it's awesome.
Comment from : Jennifer Vito

Rosalyn Marcos
please give me the give away because we're just poor
Comment from : Rosalyn Marcos

Swathi Deepak
Just use a magnet
Comment from : Swathi Deepak

Jordan G
yep.... that's totally a hack.....*sarcasm*
Comment from : Jordan G

Egg with 25000 subscribers
Comment from : Egg with 25000 subscribers

Michael Fresh
Thats not a hack its a cheat same as shaking the machine
Comment from : Michael Fresh

Maria Guerra
You can just put the coin pusher forward
Comment from : Maria Guerra

"WIN MORE MONEY" Spends 10 dollars and leaves with 1
Comment from : nlJ

Allison wall
I like 👍your vedios
Comment from : Allison wall

Troy Phillips
Do u need@ Bf
Comment from : Troy Phillips

Free Shipping Product
$8,960 in 6 minutes huntprofit.com/App
Comment from : Free Shipping Product

Mary joyce Aquino
Comment from : Mary joyce Aquino

Jennifer Webb
Spend $10+ to win $3? Where is the lpgic??
Comment from : Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb
I disliked and almost skipped video because of the shameless Subaru plug. Thought I accidentally clicked a Subaru add? Wtf dude?
Comment from : Jennifer Webb

A Chris Prat ad just popped up telling me not to skip it. It is 2 hours long, I need to watch my videos.
Comment from : CLAY DOG 001

RedX Recroom
2:40 for people who sont wanna here him talk
Comment from : RedX Recroom

Jh hJ
Great hack put your money in and lose everything
Comment from : Jh hJ

Q80 Vaper
Like for the tip of the minutes you’ve mentioned instead of waiting for the action🙂
Comment from : Q80 Vaper

egg mkmk
Comment from : egg mkmk

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