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Tom Fennell
Fucking pointless. But thanks all the same.
Comment from : Tom Fennell

Sebamatic Studios
452 you're welcome
Comment from : Sebamatic Studios

adrian 889 garcia lopez
Comment from : adrian 889 garcia lopez

† ItsRobertXO †
4, 5, 2 haha
Comment from : † ItsRobertXO †

Thank you bro
Comment from : Fern

NoLxve02 _
8 bronze 0 silver 3 gold
Comment from : NoLxve02 _

Unknown Unknown
Thanks bro 👍.
Comment from : Unknown Unknown

Carolina Andrea Ramirez Diaz
gracias me fue muy itil
Comment from : Carolina Andrea Ramirez Diaz

florim avduli
This is best stupid game
Comment from : florim avduli

Игорь Болтнев
мучался с монетами тут
Comment from : Игорь Болтнев

Jake Muller
How do i turn the power on?
Comment from : Jake Muller

fatir rifki
thank you so much ☺
Comment from : fatir rifki

Comment from : MurilexMRM

thanks nigga
Comment from : exceptiiion030

Nezer Cebrayilov
Thank you bro and fuck this puzzle
Comment from : Nezer Cebrayilov

Croūton Noé YTB
Oui merci ça marche 😍
Comment from : Croūton Noé YTB

Victor Farias
Obrigado gracias thanks
Comment from : Victor Farias

Kakashi Sharingan Hokage
Thank u :)
Comment from : Kakashi Sharingan Hokage

There is a table with lots of coins on it near the fountain but no, had to fight mutant fish and play one armed bandits to get some...
Comment from : Gilbertdu62

stupid peice of shit
Comment from : WazzyMohawk

how in the fuck arr u meant to just fucking know this jesus christ its stupid what the fuck do people make jesus christ
Comment from : WazzyMohawk

Wescley Rocha
Nintendo 3DS Resident Evil Revelations 107 😉👍
Comment from : Wescley Rocha

Eduardo Korb
S2 <3
Comment from : Eduardo Korb

Extreme 201
Thank you so much
Comment from : Extreme 201

Maria gutierrez
gracias me sirvió de mucho
Comment from : Maria gutierrez

There is a book at the fountain where you killed the mutant fish, there you have the 107g for the door.
Comment from : horiksaphire

Cristian Jose
stupid. where is the Fucking machine!!!!!
Comment from : Cristian Jose

Enrique Nicanor
how did you get the first coin?
Comment from : Enrique Nicanor

Rocky Balboa
Thank u that help me a lot.
Comment from : Rocky Balboa

Lindsey Lovell
Thank you so much I've been working on this code for nearly an hour
Comment from : Lindsey Lovell

Grasias me sirbio
Comment from : betocubo

محمد محمد
Comment from : محمد محمد

where did you get 107 from?
Comment from : darkfalcon9

P.D: :like: 

Comment from : Arthur

the guy at the beginning sounds like spy
Comment from : maximusdarkultima

Retro Fuel
Fuck these puzzles! Fuck this generation! I wish I was in a world where gaming never dumbed down with instructions like were idiots. If they had done it sooner i probably would have figured out this puzzle easy. I love puzzles but fuck this generation of gaming seriously.
Comment from : Retro Fuel

Comment from : SoySauceEgg

timothy leroy
i got on my first try
Comment from : timothy leroy

andre brewer
Thanks for the help
Comment from : andre brewer

I subbed because this one part pissed me off so much and to finaly gind a solution to that bitch is amazing
Comment from : SapphireXChaos

DBZGazettEde OZ
Thanks for the video mate
Comment from : DBZGazettEde OZ

Red - Seven611
I love you
Comment from : Red - Seven611

Mr_x 1992
this game sucks, hope Capcom bring back the true survival horror
Comment from : Mr_x 1992

Nolan Hickey
There isn't any possible way to figure this puzzle out without guessing. It was bull crap.
Comment from : Nolan Hickey

thanx :)
Comment from : ranced88

Maqa Agayev

COiNS: 107

Comment from : Maqa Agayev

David Gomes
How the fuck was i supposed to guess this shit?
This puzzle is retarded

Comment from : David Gomes

daniel anaya
Thank you!
Comment from : daniel anaya

Junior Chavez
Comment from : Junior Chavez

HELLLPPPPPP, pls someone help me....how i go to that casino?....i m searching for hours for that casino on the ship but i dont find it...how i go ????
Comment from : feicao12

Thank you so much my man ;)
Comment from : foxrose

Joseph Youngs
Why 107?
Comment from : Joseph Youngs

wescley santos
xbox360 Resident Evil: Revelations
3ds Resident Evil: Revelations

please use coins (107)

Comment from : wescley santos

Movie matics
This puzzle had no reason to it. It was just random coins that's why I was like how do I do this.
Comment from : Movie matics

thanks for this video
Comment from : patton

Ali Tdd
Comment from : Ali Tdd

Bidisz 62
Salvo msm
Comment from : Bidisz 62

Asafe Martins
valeu cara
Comment from : Asafe Martins

paul wesley
thinks man
Comment from : paul wesley

Rhoda Mackenzie
I hate this one, but thanks so much for the help.
Comment from : Rhoda Mackenzie

Rhoda Mackenzie
I hate this one, but thanks so much for the help.
Comment from : Rhoda Mackenzie

Ezra -
Read the book
Comment from : Ezra -

AZzOZ AL Sheriff
thanks dude '_^
Comment from : AZzOZ AL Sheriff

Comment from : mahitic

Danny Vaca
thanks os much for this this was kiling the hell out of me
Comment from : Danny Vaca

Jack Sweetman
Thank you very much I did it
Comment from : Jack Sweetman

Dracula Tepes
thank you.
Comment from : Dracula Tepes

Typo,video I mean.
Comment from : graeme9851

Thanks for bid,very frustrating code.
Comment from : graeme9851

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